Moisture Control: Critical to Woodworking

Wood projects are as diverse as their builders but some universal truths apply. Your grand vision must be built on strong knowledge of wood species that will be used as well as a clear understanding of the critical role of correct moisture content (MC) in wood.

MC and the Surrounding Environment

Wood is puzzling. We cut down trees, and they are officially dead. However, wood continues to absorb and release moisture as if it were still alive. In that sense, wood is interactive with the surrounding environmental conditions.

With rare exception, MC management is critical to wood products manufacturing and woodworking.  For wood products or lumber producers, quality control personnel carefully monitor the wood’s MC. For kiln drying of lumber, the dry kilns’ relative humidity (RH) and temperature among other variables, must be carefully controlled to provide quality lumber at correct MC to wood products manufacturers and hobbyist woodworkers. The MC mandate reaches all the way to your building supply dealer. The need to have a good understanding of how local weather, wood species, and processing all affect the quality of the product you purchase for your wood project. Good wood is only as good as its moisture maintenance.

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MC for Hobbyists

Successful wood projects depend on a hobbyist’s understanding of MC: the percentage of moisture held within the wood, relative to the total weight of the wood. As you saw, plane, sand, and assemble wood, its MC levels change according to the RH and temperature of the air surrounding it. This is the basic concept of Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). When RH rises, the EMC will increase, and if the wood is at a lower EMC than the air, the wood will expand as it absorbs moisture from the air. When RH falls, the EMC will decrease, and if the wood is at a higher EMC than the air, the wood will shrink as it gives up moisture to the air to acclimate to the lower EMC.

Here is a typical EMC example: Let’s say your indoor RH level is 45% with the temperature at 70 degrees F. Let’s say your purchased wood stands at a healthy MC of 8.5%. If your RH increases from 45 to 50%, your wood MC rises from 8.5% to 9.2%. If your RH decreases from 45% to 40%, your wood’s MC falls from 8.5% to 7.7%.

The MC of the wood can easily complicate your project. “It’s a little muggy out today…” causes enough change in MC to make your wood harder to cut, glue, machine and finish. That’s because MC literally can change wood’s dimensions; even one odd-sized piece (altered by changes due to MC) can ruin the rest of your wood project.

Fear Not, Measure Wood MC

Technology has delivered convenient and precise MC meters to wood hobbyists. Wagner Meters features non-damaging hand-held moisture meters for both the hobbyist and the professional that you can pack on your tool belt. Just run the meter along any surface of your wood project and you can read the MC instantly. You can measure the same piece multiple times as the RH changes during your wood construction project. Wagner Meters even has a model that will allow for the easy storage of MC data for quality control documentation purposes.

The proper MC of your wood will be the strength of a wood project well-built, so be sure you’ve got the tools to build your project like a pro.

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School Manager Keeps Your School Life Organized

Studying can be messy. You’ve got a lot of different classes, subjects and tasks and it’s not always easy to keep track of it all. I know, I know, your weekend finally started and you don’t want to think about school, but trust me, this app will get your school life organized.

School Manager wants to be your school agenda, but on your phone. Just like a normal school agenda, you can keep track of you grades, tasks and exams. The app is well designed and uses a TabView to navigate from the grades, tasks or exams submenus. A swipe from the left reveals the navigation drawer, where you can navigate to the Timetable menu and a Semesters menu.

Adding a task or exams is straightforward and you get a nice overview of your completed tasks or exams. Completing an exam will prompt you to add a grade. Here’s where it gets a little weird, because you add a grade via a slider, which seems a little off. You can give each grade a value and at the grades sub menu you get a nice overview of all your grades per subject.

Making a Timetable is also very painless. Adding a lesson is a matter of seconds and you can give each subject a different color, so that each subject stands out. School Manager also has a cool discarding animation. The Timetable gives a clear overview of your schedule and scrolling between days is super smooth.

If you want to have access to the Semester’s menu you have to upgrade to the pro version of the app, this will also remove the ads. It’s a small price and you’re supporting the developer, even though the ads aren’t really that annoying.

The app also comes with two widgets, one to display all tasks and exams for the coming days and the other one for your schedule. The widgets are good looking, with a Roboto font and transparency all over.

School Manager is a great, feature rich app, in an intuitive package. Adding tasks, exams and timetables is seemless. The app Golden Cydia remembers all your subjects, so you only have to add them once. It gives you a nice overview of your grades, so you know which subjects deserve a little more attention. School Manager is an awesome replacement for your agenda.

Get SchoolManager in the Google Play Store.

App Master Makes Uninstalling Apps Easy

Uninstalling apps on Android devices can be a little cumbersome. There are two ways to do it, or you have to go to Settings > Apps and find the app you want to uninstall, or you have to do it via the Play Store, which is even more annoying.

Android wouldn’t be Android if there wasn’t an easier way to uninstall apps. Uninstall Master (recently renamed App Master but for some reason is still Uninstall Master in the Play Store) is that easier way. The app is a dedicated uninstaller and makes uninstalling apps a simple three step program. You open App Master, select the app you want to uninstall and tap Uninstall. Easy does it.

The uninstalled app can be found in the Recycle Bin, so if you have second thoughts about uninstalling, you can restore the app quite easy. You just select the app and tap Restore. The app will then be installed on your device and there’s no need to go to the Play Store.

App Master divides the apps on your device in two groups: User Apps and System Apps. This way you won’t unintentionally uninstall a critical System App, but if you wan’t to it is possible I guess. You can sort apps by date, name and size, to make it easy to find apps. And if you want to uninstall multiple apps at once, App Master makes this a possibilty too.

App Master is an efficient and faster way to uninstall apps. It’s painless and really convenient to have a dedicated app for this purpose.

Get App Master (free) in the Google Play Store.

5 Apps to Get Things Done

Getting things done is not as easy as it seems. When you live a busy life, it’s not always easy to remember all the things you need to do. To do-list and reminder apps can are a dime a dozen in the Google Play Store nowadays, but they do help you get things done. We’ve picked some new and unusual takes on this familiar concept.

Squawk: Reminders on unlock

Squawk is a somewhat different take on a reminders or to-do list app, because the app only notifies you when you unlock your Android device. Upon opening the app, you’ll see a nice little birdie, which you can tap to add a reminder or task. You can set a WiFi network, so the notification only pops up when it’s connected to that network. It’s also possible to specify the type of notification and if you don’t want to get a notification every time you unlock your device, you can set a time interval or unlock interval.

After you’ve set a reminder, you can edit it by tapping the bird on your screen. There’s no way to see which reminder you’ve set, unless you edit the reminder. And in this version of the app it’s also not possible to set multiple reminders, that show up when you’re connected on different WiFi networks for instance. But Squawk is a clean, minimal app for something you cannot forget and needs to be done before the end of the day.

Get Squawk: Reminders on unlock in the Google Play Store.


Recollect is a beautiful and location based to-do list app. It’s tagline is: the to-do list that follows you around.  And we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Adding an item to your to-do list, is always paired with a location where it needs to be done. When you’re near that location, Recollect automagically reminds you of the item(s) on your to-do list. You can add defaults for locations you frequently visit, like your Home and Work Address making it even easier to add an item to your list.

The app is very focused and well made. Your to-do list overview features the famed Google Card UI, and adding an item on your to-do list is painless. Furthermore, your default locations have handsome icons, so you can easily take them apart.

Get Recollect in the Google Play Store.

AC Market 

Being an android working system consumer, while you go on the play keep, you discover almost each different app that you search and want. However, there are some apps which aren’t legal to be published formally at the play store or, there are apps that you need to buy with cash however there those who can provide those apps after which you could use them totally free but alas, you can not get such apps on the play save for the reason that their publishing there isn’t allowed.

In this situation, you could use a third-birthday party save and luckily, we do have this store with the name AC Market in which you may get all the paid apps and video games for free by means of downloading free variations and feature all the a laugh to your android phone device. Yes, all of the apps and games that are present on this keep are truely loose to down load, however, you can not update them given that you may danger dropping the app so buy app reviews for improve ranking in the appstore. This is due to the fact those loose apps are disconnected from making on line connections however while you try to update them, it either does no longer appear or you will lose the app. Considering now i’m carried out with the creation of the app, let us now pass directly to some essential features of the app.

Shifu: To-Do & Task Manager

Shifu is a different kind of to-do and reminders app. The app focusses on the important things in life, like calling your mom or buying flowers for your girlfriend. Shifu is perfect for the things you might forget because you’re too busy, and don’t really have to be done on a certain day.

Shifu analyses your phone’s usage to estimate your free time and suggests tasks accordingly. When you add a reminder, you give it a timeframe of, for example, 5 minutes and whenever you have 5 minutes of spare time or more, Shifu will remind you of that task. There’s no order in the tasks, the app chooses which tasks fits on its own. You can also set reminders when you’re calling someone, when you’re connected to a certain WiFi network or at a specified location. For instance, the to-do & task manager learns when you commute and might suggest that this is a nice moment to call your mom, since you have 10 minutes of spare time.

Tapping the notepad icon in the action bar, gives you a list of all pending and completed tasks. Shifu is quite a unique take on a to-do list app and looks great. Especially considering Shifu is still in (public) beta, the app works really well and can only get better.

Get Shifu: To-Do & Task Manager in the Google Play Store.

Leave Messages All Over The Globe With Kites

The messaging apps space is crowded. You’ve got Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, GroupMe, Kik Messenger, WeChat and a whole bunch of other apps that allow you to message people one way or the other. Kites is a new messaging app, where the developers behind the app believe that messages sometimes are more relevant at a particular place, instead of an inbox.

With Kites, you can leave a public message for everyone to see, or a private message for your friends or a certain friend at a specific location. Upon launching Kites, you can immediately see all the messages dropped for you on a map. Swiping from the left edge of the screen reveals the navigation drawer, where you can navigate the app.

One usecase the developer is keen on, is the ability to leave your friends ‘secret’ messages. These messages are not visible until your friend is close to its location. When you’re ate the location, Kites will notify you, so you can leave messages like ‘the key is under the mat,’ and be sure that they will only see it when they are actually there. This could also be fun for a scavenger hunt or paired with a geocaching app for clues.

The messaging app looks beautiful and follows the latest design guidelines. It features a transparent status and navigation bar and the app runs really smooth. Especially the navigation bar is nifty, with the opacity turned down a notch. This makes the navigation bar just see through enough to be able to read stuff “behind” it, but also makes the navigation bar stand out when it needs too.

Like every app with a social component, the app is only fun when your friends are using for kites. The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about how I could win them over to get them to start using Kites and quite frankly I couldn’t really come up with good arguments. So I guess I’m not entirely sold on the concept. Nonetheless, Kites is a beautiful app and maybe you can come up with a fun way to use it.

Get Kites in the Google Play Store.

Aptrax Your App Usage

Have you ever wondered how much you use an app over the course of a day? The battery menu can give you some insight, but it doesn’t show you very accurate app usage information. And it only shows you the app that’s draining the most of your battery, which can be the app you use the most. But it doesn’t have to be. If you want a decent insight in you app usage, there’s an app for that!

Aptrax gives you a nice overview of your app usage. The app usage tracker shows you how many times you’ve opened an app and how many minutes you’ve spent within the app. The app runs in the background to monitor you app usage, but won’t affect your phone’s resources.

When you tap on any of the apps listed, you are given the option to either open or uninstall it. You can swipe down on the App Usage list, to refresh the app usage data. And a swipe from the left edge of your screen reveals the menu where you can acces the settings screen. Aptrax has settings for tracking, notifications, showing the System apps and tracking frequency. It’s also possible to reset the collected data.

Get Aptrax (Free) in the Google Play Store.


Zooper Widget is a Highly Customizable Home Screen And Lock Screen Widget

One of Android’s greatest strengths is it’s customizability. You’ve got launchers, icon packs and a whole bunch of tweaks to make your phone unique and just the way you like it. If you want customizability on your home screen or lock screen, Zooper Widget is the one you need.

Zooper Widget is a minimal, highly customizable and battery friendly widget. The app has a few sample templates, for instance for displaying battery info, the time, current weather, data calculations like a countdown and a lot more.

If you want to make your own widget, Zooper Widget makes that possible too. The widget features a what you see is what you get editor, with layers similar to Photoshop. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to create your own widget, but you definitely can get the job done with Zooper Widget’s editor.

Zooper Widget is a great widget, that has something for everyone. It has some great minimal sample templates, for people who just want a new awesome working widget. Most sample templates give you glanceable information like the time, the weather, alarm info and more. And for the real tinkerers, Zooper Widget let’s you create your own widget too. Seems like a win-win to me.

Get Zooper Widget Free (Free) in the Google Play Store.

Cal: Calendar is A Smart And Beautiful Calendar App

Google’s own calendar app is good. No fuss, it just shows you what you have planned for the month/week/day, you can adjust some settings and that’s it. But it’s not the most aesthetically appealing app out there. So I went look for a just as functional but better looking calendar app in the Play Store. And have I got news for you: I found one!

Cal: Calendar is a calendar app from the same people who brought the Any.Do To-do-list app to life. Functionality wise Cal is focussed and has all the necassities. You can integrate it with Facebook for birthdays, add more calendars (and from different Google accounts) and Cal has different photo themes for the background. Cal also integrates your Any.DO to-do’s, so if you’re an Any.DO To-Do-List user, you should definitely try this app.

Where Cal: shines is the design department. The calendar app looks beautiful, due to the minimal approach, big photo’s, clear fonts and gorgeous animations. You have a week and month view, but no matter what’s selected, you get a nice list view of the events of the day you have selected. Cal: also has a so-called HeadsUp feature. HeadsUp will give you three action screens, one before a meeting, one during and one after a meeting. This ‘action’ screens are nothing more than shortcuts for starting navigation via Google Maps to your next meeting or summoning a taxi via Uber, for instance.


Adding an event is beautiful too. Tapping the plus button, makes the calendar view drop and shows the input field. You can add people, a location, notes to the event, as well as make it repeat on schedule. And of course, you can set a reminder. A widget is also present and it has the same look and feels as the app. The widget just a day view and you can’t swipe to the next day. Tapping the plus in the widget will take you to the add event screen of the app.

Cal: Calendar is one of the best apps I’ve come across on Android. It has all the functionality a calendar app needs in a beautiful package. What more would you want?

You can get Cal: Any do Calendar in the apps like play store also Download now and enjoy unlimited access to the premium apps from PlayStore and AppStore.