A new Twitter app arises: Fenix for Twitter

Not a week goes by without a new Twitter app to talk about. The new kid on the block this time is Fenix for Twitter. Although you might have new Twitter app fatigue by now, this new 3rd party Twitter client is definitely worth a try!

Fenix for Twitter is an extremely elegant and polished app, that oozes Android. The Twitter app is fast and works fluently. Pictures are beautifully displayed inline, from one edge of your screen to the other. Navigating the app is only possible via the navigation drawer that you slide in from the left edge of your screen. This makes the app super easy to use and less clunky than the official Twitter app.

Links and usernames are all tapable from your feed. The app uses an optional internal browser for opening links, which makes it feel organic and fast. Tap and hold a tweet to reply, retweet, favorite or share the tweet. The third party Twitter client has a configurable autorefresh interval, which (of course) keeps working in the background. So there’ll always be fresh tweets waiting for you, when you open the app.


Fenix for Twitter is still in preview, so it’s far from finished. Be that as it may, this preview app is stable and quite frankly, very useable. Navigating the app is simple and intuitive. The inline previews for pictures and YouTube videos, makes reading your Twitter feed a joy. And on top of that, the app looks stunning. I’m glad I already have my token.

Get Fenix for Twitter here (not available in the Play Store yet).