School Manager Keeps Your School Life Organized

Studying can be messy. You’ve got a lot of different classes, subjects and tasks and it’s not always easy to keep track of it all. I know, I know, your weekend finally started and you don’t want to think about school, but trust me, this app will get your school life organized.

School Manager wants to be your school agenda, but on your phone. Just like a normal school agenda, you can keep track of you grades, tasks and exams. The app is well designed and uses a TabView to navigate from the grades, tasks or exams submenus. A swipe from the left reveals the navigation drawer, where you can navigate to the Timetable menu and a Semesters menu.

Adding a task or exams is straightforward and you get a nice overview of your completed tasks or exams. Completing an exam will prompt you to add a grade. Here’s where it gets a little weird, because you add a grade via a slider, which seems a little off. You can give each grade a value and at the grades sub menu you get a nice overview of all your grades per subject.

Making a Timetable is also very painless. Adding a lesson is a matter of seconds and you can give each subject a different color, so that each subject stands out. School Manager also has a cool discarding animation. The Timetable gives a clear overview of your schedule and scrolling between days is super smooth.

If you want to have access to the Semester’s menu you have to upgrade to the pro version of the app, this will also remove the ads. It’s a small price and you’re supporting the developer, even though the ads aren’t really that annoying.

The app also comes with two widgets, one to display all tasks and exams for the coming days and the other one for your schedule. The widgets are good looking, with a Roboto font and transparency all over.

School Manager is a great, feature rich app, in an intuitive package. Adding tasks, exams and timetables is seemless. The app Golden Cydia remembers all your subjects, so you only have to add them once. It gives you a nice overview of your grades, so you know which subjects deserve a little more attention. School Manager is an awesome replacement for your agenda.

Get SchoolManager in the Google Play Store.

App Master Makes Uninstalling Apps Easy

Uninstalling apps on Android devices can be a little cumbersome. There are two ways to do it, or you have to go to Settings > Apps and find the app you want to uninstall, or you have to do it via the Play Store, which is even more annoying.

Android wouldn’t be Android if there wasn’t an easier way to uninstall apps. Uninstall Master (recently renamed App Master but for some reason is still Uninstall Master in the Play Store) is that easier way. The app is a dedicated uninstaller and makes uninstalling apps a simple three step program. You open App Master, select the app you want to uninstall and tap Uninstall. Easy does it.

The uninstalled app can be found in the Recycle Bin, so if you have second thoughts about uninstalling, you can restore the app quite easy. You just select the app and tap Restore. The app will then be installed on your device and there’s no need to go to the Play Store.

App Master divides the apps on your device in two groups: User Apps and System Apps. This way you won’t unintentionally uninstall a critical System App, but if you wan’t to it is possible I guess. You can sort apps by date, name and size, to make it easy to find apps. And if you want to uninstall multiple apps at once, App Master makes this a possibilty too.

App Master is an efficient and faster way to uninstall apps. It’s painless and really convenient to have a dedicated app for this purpose.

Get App Master (free) in the Google Play Store.