Zooper Widget is a Highly Customizable Home Screen And Lock Screen Widget

One of Android’s greatest strengths is it’s customizability. You’ve got launchers, icon packs and a whole bunch of tweaks to make your phone unique and just the way you like it. If you want customizability on your home screen or lock screen, Zooper Widget is the one you need.

Zooper Widget is a minimal, highly customizable and battery friendly widget. The app has a few sample templates, for instance for displaying battery info, the time, current weather, data calculations like a countdown and a lot more.

If you want to make your own widget, Zooper Widget makes that possible too. The widget features a what you see is what you get editor, with layers similar to Photoshop. I wouldn’t say it’s easy to create your own widget, but you definitely can get the job done with Zooper Widget’s editor.

Zooper Widget is a great widget, that has something for everyone. It has some great minimal sample templates, for people who just want a new awesome working widget. Most sample templates give you glanceable information like the time, the weather, alarm info and more. And for the real tinkerers, Zooper Widget let’s you create your own widget too. Seems like a win-win to me.

Get Zooper Widget Free (Free) in the Google Play Store.