Cal: Calendar is A Smart And Beautiful Calendar App

Google’s own calendar app is good. No fuss, it just shows you what you have planned for the month/week/day, you can adjust some settings and that’s it. But it’s not the most aesthetically appealing app out there. So I went look for a just as functional but better looking calendar app in the Play Store. And have I got news for you: I found one!

Cal: Calendar is a calendar app from the same people who brought the Any.Do To-do-list app to life. Functionality wise Cal is focussed and has all the necassities. You can integrate it with Facebook for birthdays, add more calendars (and from different Google accounts) and Cal has different photo themes for the background. Cal also integrates your Any.DO to-do’s, so if you’re an Any.DO To-Do-List user, you should definitely try this app.

Where Cal: shines is the design department. The calendar app looks beautiful, due to the minimal approach, big photo’s, clear fonts and gorgeous animations. You have a week and month view, but no matter what’s selected, you get a nice list view of the events of the day you have selected. Cal: also has a so-called HeadsUp feature. HeadsUp will give you three action screens, one before a meeting, one during and one after a meeting. This ‘action’ screens are nothing more than shortcuts for starting navigation via Google Maps to your next meeting or summoning a taxi via Uber, for instance.


Adding an event is beautiful too. Tapping the plus button, makes the calendar view drop and shows the input field. You can add people, a location, notes to the event, as well as make it repeat on schedule. And of course, you can set a reminder. A widget is also present and it has the same look and feels as the app. The widget just a day view and you can’t swipe to the next day. Tapping the plus in the widget will take you to the add event screen of the app.

Cal: Calendar is one of the best apps I’ve come across on Android. It has all the functionality a calendar app needs in a beautiful package. What more would you want?

You can get Cal: Any do Calendar in the apps like play store also Download now and enjoy unlimited access to the premium apps from PlayStore and AppStore.