Counting down the Days until the All New One

Yesterday, Samsung unveiled it’s flagship device for this year: the Galaxy S5. The general consensus seems to be that the new smartphone is a little underwhelming. A new backcover, improved camera and CPU, slightly larger screen, a fingerprint scanner and more gimmicky features nobody probably will ever use, makes the Galaxy S5 an iteration of the Galaxy S4. But for the changes Samsung has made, they seem to have listened to the customer, which is always good thing. And whatever you may think of Samsung’s new flagship device, the Samsung S5 is probably going to sell millions when it hits shelves on April 11th.Now we know what Samsung brings to the table, the wait for HTC’s offering is all the more exciting. HTC’s event is scheduled for March 25th, where they’ll show the All New One or something like that. If you’re counting down the days but have a lot on your mind and are scared you’ll forget, I just might have the app for you!

Days is a countdown app, that has a clean look based on Google’s Card UI. Adding a countdown is just a matter of tapping the big plus in the action bar, filling in the details et voila, the countdown to an important date is added. In the settings menu it’s possible to hide past events, put past events at the bottom and change the date format. Days also has two widgets, one that displays your list of countdowns and one for a single countdown.


Get Days– in the Google Play Store.