Multitasking within a text messages app? It’s possible with Invi!


Awesome mobile messaging app. Invi is yet another mobile messaging app, but a rather special one. They recently got a $3.000.000 investment from Ashton Kutcher and others and their Google Play Store page has juicy quotes like: texting just got better and, a beautiful experience which, at first glance, all seems to be true.

The app is a little bit like iMessage for iPhone, because invi users can message each other for free over WiFi or data and if they’re not invi users the app just sends an SMS. But the resemblance ends there, because invi is visually much more attractive. There’s YouTube integration, which enables you to watch a YouTube video while you’re messaging someone, there are nice big previews of links, photos or other things you share and emoji is also integrated. And if that’s not enough, they also seem to take privacy of their users seriously.

Download invi in the Google Play Store.